What You Need to Pack for Your Honeymoon

With luggage fees rising through the roof, you don’t want to pack too much for your honeymoon. On the other hand, you don’t want to forget everything. We’ve compiled a list of items we think you must have on your honeymoon. Keep in mind, for international travel, you may need additional items. For those flying to their destinations, TSA requires that all liquids must be carried in 3.4 ounce or less containers in one quart-sized zip lock bag per person.

For The Trip: Bathroom Essentials: Clothing to Pack (per person):
-Airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation
-Hotel confirmations
-Passport/visas/driver's license
-Credit cards
-Cash for Tips, Taxis, and Souvenirs
-Traveler's checks
-Trip Insurance information
-Phone numbers for your:
1. Doctor
2. House Sitter
3. Credit Card Company
4. Travel Agent (Us! (317) 770-2200)
-Prescription medicine in the original bottle
-Travel locks
-ID tags for luggage
-Sunscreen and Lip Balm
-Aloe vera
-First-aid Kit
-Allergy Medication
-Motion Sickness Medication
-Pain Medication
-Feminine Hygiene Products
-Beach Towels
-Tote bag for beach or pool
-Evening purse
-Electrical converter and chargers
-Alarm Clock
-Travel –size Toothpaste
-Body lotion
-Make-up Remover
-Cotton balls and ear swabs
-Hair gel/Spray
-Nail Clippers/File
-Shaving cream
-Contact lenses, solution, and carrying case
-Hair accessories
-Hair dryer
-Anti-bacterial gel
-1 pair Khakis or jeans
-1 pair nice slacks
-1 light jacket
-1 play shirt per day
-1 dress shirt per day (cruises require dress casual)
-1 pair shorts per day
-1+ swimsuit
-Swim suit covers
-1 sports jacket (must have for men - formal dinner)
-1 pair closed toe shoes
-1 to 2 pairs of walking sandals
-1 to 2 pairs of dress sandals (dress shoes for men)
-Extra socks and underwear
-Jewelry and Accessories (watches, ties, etc.)