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1. Jamaica
Glorious sunsets, unique people, alluring white sandy beaches and sparkling waterfalls.
2. Hawaii
Some of the finest beaches, best surfing and watersports opportunities in the world.
3. Mexico
Mayan and Aztec heritage, fascinating cities, and stunning architecture.
4. Italy
Land of romance, Venice gondolas, and beautiful cities.
5. French Polynesia
Tropical beauty, turquoise lagoons and vibrant coral reefs.
6. France
The city of lights, world-class dining, and and untouched countryside.
7. London
Charming cities, rich culture, and European romance.
8. St. Lucia
Small, quiet island with gorgeous beaches, tropical beauty, and a French touch.
9. Dominican Republic
Beautiful beaches, warm hospitality, and resort comfort.
10. Aruba
Nearly perfect weather, white sandy beaches, and bustling nightlife.

*Taken from Go Go Vacations Honeymoon & Destination Wedding