The wedding dress styles are ever changing. Whether the budget allows for an extreme designer dress or a discount dress, current styles flare within every aspect of the bridal dress industry. We’ve compiled a list of the currently biggest styles, so that you might be a little more informed before making your decision.

1. Sleeves
With the Royal Wedding on every bride’s mind, dresses with sleeves look much more appealing. Straps and sleeves add elegance and traditionalism to the wedding dresses. You don’t have to have those toned arms and shoulders any more to pull of that strapless dress!

2. Ruffles
They might have looked tacky ten years ago, but they’re back with style! The ruffled gowns are either loved or hated by brides, but most agree that those who wear them pull them off. They add the extra flare of elegance, with a bit of an over-the-top look.
3. Asymmetric Seams
On slimmer, form fitting dresses, the asymmetric seam looks stunning. It can add beauty with very minimal flare. Strapless or strapped, beaded or not, the asymmetric seam style is one that won’t be fading any time soon.

4. Flowers
Along with the ruffled look, lace and tulle flowers patterned on the dress can be simple, or they can be extravagant. Flower add a feminine touch to the dress without overpowering the beauty of the bride.
5. Lace
Lace dresses again stem back to the Royal Wedding. They are simple, often times slim lined dresses that are flattering, and give the antique minimalist style that brides are looking for.

6. Ball Gowns
The traditional ball gown style never fades from the wedding dress shops. The fluff and frill included displays the elegance and beauty that brides thrive on. Ball gowns are for all of those brides who wanted to look like the Princesses in the movies.
7. Beads
Adding “bling bling” to wedding dresses has become a recent trend. Under the bright lights of the alter, beaded dresses sparkle and draw the eyes of those around the bride. Beads can add some elegance to an otherwise simple wedding dress.

8. One Strap
The one-strap design recreates the image of the Greek goddesses. Otherwise simple in design, the straps are often lightly decorated in beading or lace. The Greek goddess dresses are usually tight to the body but might have a bit of a flare and a shorter train.
9. Bows
Bows are back! Simple bows on the back of the dress, or enormous bows on the front and center are drawing the eyes of the guests without taking away from the dress itself. The 80’s style from when your parents got married might have always looked tacky before, but not anymore.

10. Grandma’s or Mom’s Dress
With this economy, brides are finding that the dresses from the 1950’s and 1960’s aren’t so tacky after all. Because of the new interest in the old style, designers are pulling out dress designs from the era and manufacturing the dresses with a new flare.

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