1. Save Money
Traditional weddings can cost several times the amount of a destination wedding.

2. Do Something Different
Forgo a typical wedding in favor of a unique and memorable experience.

3. Have the Best of Both Worlds
Combine your wedding and honeymoon into one beautifully planned celebration.

4. Crowd Control
Bring alng the whole family for a fun celebration, or make it just the two of you.

5. Stress-Free Planning
Your travel specialist will work directly with the resort's wedding coordinator.
6. Perfect for Second Marriages
Scale it down the second time around and go somewhere special to wed.

7. Neutral Setting
Instead of getting involved in potential family drama, choose a natural setting.

8. So Much to See & Do
With the many onsite activities at resorts, plus off-site fun, your guests will keep busy.

9. Celebrate Longer
Traditional weddings last 5 hours while destination weddings can last much longer.

10. Expand on a Theme
Incorporate your love of the beach, the snow, your heritage, or something else special about you.